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turning out the Perfect fish and chips is a labour of love.

Bringing you the best Fish & Chips on the Island!

Haddock Fish & chips


fish & chips

200 gr. of haddock deep-fried in beer batter, homemade chips, tartara sauce and lemon wedge.

Cod Fish & Chips


Cod Fish & Chips

140 gr. of first quality cod, deep-fried in beer batter, homemade chips, tartar sauce and lemon wedge.

Fried Calamari


Fried Calamari

200 gr. of tender squid rings deep-fried, spicy alioli and lemon wedge.

Homemade Chips


Homemade Fries

Served with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Fried Chicken & Chips


Fried Chicken & Chips

2 pieces of kentucky style fried chicken, homemade chips, homemade pickles

Cheesy Bacon chips


Cheesey Bacon Homemade Fries

Our delicious fries seved with authentic cheddar sauce and crispy homemade smoked bacon.


The obsession with fish & chips began in the 90’s, after living and working as a chef in the the U.K. After years of dreaming about a chippie in our home town we decided to open our own Chip Shop. Our Story is quite simple really! We wanted to create an authentic traditional dish of fish a chips in Mallorca!

about us

The Chip Shop is the quintessential British Chippy, serving the freshest fish and the finest homemade fries to the people in Magalluf. We believe in keeping it simple and staying true to the roots of the Chippy; no frills, just great fresh food and fast friendly service. Plump portions of succulent fish, cooked to perfection in a light crispy batter. Chips with fluffy middles and that moreish crunch. Flavoursome homemade condiments. To get the absolute best flavour, we like to do things by hand. That’s why we cut our own chips, make our own special-recipe beer batter, plus a whole range of delicious condiments. Ask also for our delicious Korean fried chicken with spicy gochujang sauce or our criollo battered suasage.

First quality cod in fresh batter with crunchy home made fries and our special tartar sauce.

Tastes better than the one at home!!



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